Several years ago, work began on a fresh translation of the Bible for our generation and beyond. Since then we have been updating you on the labors of The Wartburg Project. Now The Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) New Testament & Psalms is available! (The complete Bible with the Old Testament will become available in the fall of 2019.) The EHV is available through Northwestern Publishing House. Those who visit our worship services can receive a complimentary copy. Examine this fresh translation produced by over 100 WELS & ELS pastors, professors and lay people. May God’s hand of blessing rest on the continuing labors of The Wartburg Project!

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Rev. Roy W. Hefti

About Rev. Roy W. Hefti

Pastor Hefti grew up on the North side of LaCrosse. He is a 1971 graduate of Luther High School. He then attended Northwestern College in Watertown, WI. After graduation, he went on to attend Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, WI. He graduated the Seminary in 1979 and accepted his first call to start a mission congregation in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. In May 1984, Pastor Hefti received and accepted the call to be the Pastor of St. Paul’s. Pastor, his wife Alice and 3 children moved to Bangor in July of 1984. The Lord blessed the Heftis with 3 more children while living in Bangor. Their 6 children are now grown and are living around the world. In addition to his pastoral duties, Pastor Hefti teaches 7th-8th grade confirmation classes and also teaches a rotating class of “A Touch of Latin” or “A Touch of German” to familiarize the children with a foreign language. Each morning, Pastor conducts a Bible study with the faculty and he also conducts a weekly mission devotion with the whole school.