Lunch and Collections

2015-16 School Lunch Menu
8/26:  Friday  BBQ
9/1:  Thurs  Fish Sandwich/Fries
9/9:  Friday  Nachos/Fruit
9/16:  Friday  Brats/Kraut/Brown Beans
9/23:  Friday  Grilled Cheese/ Chicken Soup
9/30:  Friday  Subs
10/6:  Friday  Hot Dog/Chili Dog/Salad
10/14:  Friday  Pizza/Fruit/Salad
10/21:  Friday  Chicken and Gravy over Biscuits
10/25:  Tues  Hamburger/Cheeseburger/Fries
11/4:  Friday  Sliced Ham with Cheesy Potatoes
11/11:  Friday   Chicken Nuggets/Fries
11/18:  Friday  Tacos/Fruit
11/22:  Tues  Meatloaf/Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
12/2:  Friday  Corn Dogs  Fruit/Salad
12/9:  Friday  TaterTot Hotdish/Fruit
12/16:  Friday  Chicken Noodle Hotdish/Fruit
12/22:  Thurs    PreK Pick
1/6:  Friday     Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
1/13:  Friday     Grilled Cheese/ Chicken Soup
1/20:  Friday     Tacos/Fruit
1/27:  Friday     Sliced Ham Cheesy Potatoes
2/3:  Friday     Chicken & Gravy over Biscuits
2/8:  Wednesday     BBQ/Fruit/Veggies
2/17:  Friday     Hotdogs/Chilidogs and Fries
2/24:  Friday     Tater Tot Hotdish/Salad
3/3:  Friday     Chicken Nuggets/ Fries/Salad
3/10 Friday   Chicken Noodle Hotdish/Fruit
3/17:  Friday     Pizza/Fruit
3/24:  Friday     Hamburger/Cheeseburger/Fries
3/31:  Friday:  Nachos/Fruit
4/7:  Friday     Fish Sandwich/Fries
4/12:  Wednesday   Subs
4/21:  Friday   Chicken Noodle Hotdish / Easter leftovers
4/28:  Friday     TBD
5/5:  Friday     TBD
5/12:  Friday     TBD
5/19:  Friday      TBD
5/26:  Friday     School Picnic

St. Paul’s School collects the following items.  Each program has their own designation as to what kind of reward the school gets for an amount of product they receive.  St. Paul’s receives money or playground equipment that is used at the school.  The more donations of the following, the more money or equipment the school receives.

Items that St. Paul’s School collects:
Campbell’s soup labels – educational equipment
Boxtops for Education – cash (If you shop online, please check out the boxtops4education website.  We can earn money for money spent online through these stores. PLEASE NOTE: Boxtops4education Market Place (online shopping) is CLOSING July 31.
Used Ink Cartridges – cash
Kwik Trip:  –  cash
Moola Caps
Glazer Donuts
Juice Caps
Flavored Water
Milk Caps
Cottage Cheese Proof of Purchase
Sour Cream Proof of Purchase