School Care Serving Committees

These committees take the place of the PTS serving committees.  These committees will provide supper for teachers during Parent-Teacher conferences, serve refreshments for the spring play, and organize the congregational picnic.


October (Dinner for 5 teachers)
Andy and Janel Lochen – Chairpersons
Matt and Tyffany Gasper

February (Dinner for 4 teachers)
Blake and Lisa Horstman – Chairpersons
Joseph and Tammie Lazzaretti

April (1 Teacher)
Jeff and Betsy Parr

May (Spring Concert)
James and Jennifer Lockman
Ashley Ruedy
Jon Havens
James and Kelly Langrehr

May (Picnic Committee)
Kevin and Sara Stratman (Chairpersons)
Matt and Wendy Hoth
Nathan and Amanda Tucker