The Wartburg Project

The Wartburg Project

In 2011, it became clear that the 1984 edition of the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible, so widely used in our synod’s congregations and publications for many years, would no longer be available.  The 2011 edition of the New International Version is a concern to many pastors who are uncomfortable with what seem to be systemic and cumulative weaknesses.  Some of these issues include the use of unwarranted  gender inclusive language in certain passages and also the weak translation of certain prophecies of the Savior.

While the 2011 edition of the NIV  is not unusable, and also includes some improvements in certain passages, the probability of further revisions every 5 to 10 years, along with its current weaknesses, could take this version in a troublesome direction.

In addition to making use of other faithful, English versions currently on the market, such as,  The New King James Version (NKJV), The English Standard Version (ESV) and others, there has been a move to produce a new English translation of the Scriptures which stands on the shoulders of translation “giants” who have gone before and which reflects the respect we have for the Scriptures as the heirs of the Lutheran Reformation.

This has led to what is now known as The Wartburg Project described below.

The Wartburg Project is a group of WELS & ELS Lutheran pastors and professors who are working together to produce a new translation of the Bible. To provide you with an opportunity to gain an insight into their work and to experience firsthand the style of the translation, the Wartburg Project has developed a Passion History for use this Lenten season. This Passion History weaves together the Wartburg Project translations of the four gospels into a unified Passion narrative. It also includes arrangements for a three-year series of lessons from the three synoptic gospels.

To download a complimentary PDF of the Wartburg Project’s Passion History, click the link below. Also available for free (October 31 – November 4) is the Book of Matthew and for $0.99 the Book of Psalms.

To learn more about the Wartburg Project, please visit

The voters assembly of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bangor, WI, at its Annual Meeting in January, 2013, unanimously passed a resolution to support this project.   We continue to make use of the 1984 edition of the NIV as long as we have copies in stock.  As we look forward with optimism to the eventual completion of The Wartburg Project in the years to come, we will also be able to make use of the King James Version (KJV), the New King James Version, (NKJV), the English Standard Version (ESV), etc. as needed.

Pastor Hefti is involved in this project, serving on the Gospels/Acts editorial board as a technical reviewer of these New Testament books.

We ask you to remember that this is a work in progress with “polishing” always underway as each book is translated, reviewed and improved.  We invite you to visit the Wartburg Project website in the coming months and years for regular updates and to offer your comments.  Links are also provided for those who may wish to donate to this project ( Your prayers for The Wartburg Project are appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get it right now or at anytime?
Yes, you can get it anytime.  The sample Matthew translation from “The Wartburg Project” is available on but it usually costs 99 cents.  Here’s the link to the book.  You may also find the book by typing “Wartburg Project” in the search line on Amazon.

Do I need to own a Kindle to read it?
NO, you do NOT need to own or buy a KINDLE to read it.  There are all sorts of FREE apps so you can have a free Kindle reader on all sorts of devices (computer, iPad, Android, smart phone).  Just click here to find the one that works for you.