On Friday, the Governor has ordered the closing of all schools public and private as of this coming Wednesday, March 18 with a tentative reopening on Monday, April 6 in hopes of slowing the spread of COVID-19 in our state.

As for the temporary closing of our school, the faculty has begun to plan homework, worksheets and possible online ways of teaching the core subjects for our students until school starts up again.  Parents, stay tuned!

As for confirmation instruction, the pastor will suspend the Sunday between-service Bible study to have confirmation instruction and memory work recitation for ALL CONFIRMATION 7th & 8th graders in the balcony of the  church until further notice (9:05 – 9:50 a.m.) This would start NEXT Sunday, March 22.  Parents who have genuine concerns about their children attending these small confirmation classes shall discuss this with the pastor.  

At this time it is still our plan to hold Examination of the Confirmands on Sunday, May 10 and Confirmation on Sunday, May 17.

Sunday School will continue for grades 6 and under at the school. Because of busing and similar logistical issues, Wednesday classes will be placed on hold.

Worship services will continue Sundays and Wednesdays as usual, leaving it up to our members’ personal circumstances and judgment as to whether they choose to attend. Notes regarding the singing schedule will be sent through school and posted on our Facebook and stpaulsbangor.com webpages.

As for greeting people, I will greet folks at the door, but to relieve any anxiety on anyone’s part, I will not shake hands unless someone extends their hand for a handshake.

As for communion, I will discuss with the Council on Wed. April 1st as to whether we should discontinue use of the common cup until such time as the perceived danger is past.  There are some members who prefer the common cup (especially if they have a hard time gripping the individual cups).  Stay tuned!

As far as what we know at this time, the school year will not have to be extended to make up for time lost, since this is an extenuating circumstance.  If this should change, we will pass that information along.

Any further information as it becomes available it will be posted as soon as possible on our Facebook and stpaulsbangor.com webpages.

Yours in Christ’s service,
Pastor Hefti