An Outline Of The First Epistle of Peter

An Outline Of The First Epistle of Peter

Are things really hopeless in your life?  Listen!  Peter wrote his first letter (epistle) to the scattered and persecuted Christians of Asia Minor, what we today call Turkey.   The word “suffering” occurs at least seventeen times in the five chapters of this little book.  

But the real theme is the “living hope” which we believers have amid our hardships.  This hope is not mere wishful thinking that things will get better in our lives.  This hope is a sure and certain confidence in Christ.  He has guaranteed an eternal future for all those who believe in Him.  

One writer has entitled 1 Peter:  “Living Hope In A Hostile World.”  In the Sundays to come, we will home in on this word, “hope” with the following outline:

Peter – Hope For Us All 1:1-2

Hope Of Heaven         1:3-12

Hope For Holy Living      1:13-2:3

Hope Held Forth                    2:4-12

Hope That Submits                  2:13-25

Hope For The Home                      3:1-7

Hope’s Soft Reply                    3:8-17

Hope’s Foundation                  3:18-22

Hope’s Foes And Friends                    4:1-11

Hope In Suffering                 4:12-19

Hope’s Humble Service                     5:1-7

Hope Prevails                   5:8-14

We invite you to read ahead at home or bring your Bible and follow along in the pew.  As with our study of James, we will be using the EHV (Evangelical Heritage Version).