Our Lenten Sermon Series this year is based on the “Beatitudes” from the most famous sermon ever preached – the Sermon on the Mount.

The word “beatitude” comes from the Latin word beatus which means “blessed.”  Jesus begins His most famous sermon with a series of blessings over the heads of His believers.  

To outsiders listening in, even to believing disciples sitting at the Master’s feet, these beatitudes may sound strange.  Clearly, Jesus has a different take on who are the winners and the losers, who is truly blessed and who is not, who gets Christ’s handshake of congratulations, and who does not.

When Jesus speaks of “the poor in spirit,” or “those who mourn,” or those the meek,” etc., He is not just describing His believers.  He is describing Himself – all that He became for us, and all that He has done for us to make us    faint reflections of Himself.

In this holy season now upon us let us fix our eyes on the Beloved of the Father who went down into death and came back again, who by His cross and crown has blessed us that we might be a blessing.