It isn’t always the case, but a lot of kids go through a phase when it’s not cool to be seen with Mom and Dad, when parents are not even to be seen, much less heard.  Some get so big for their britches that their nose never comes out of the clouds. They are wrongly and foolishly embarrassed by their own humble origins, too arrogant to be grateful to those who toilet-trained them, kissed away their tears and patiently endured the know-it-all stage of life.  They worry too little about guilt by association with naughty peers or the wrong crowd. They worry too much about embarrassment by association with the plain-speaking, perhaps less glamorous or less educated parents who gave them everything.

Sadly, you and I too often fear embarrassment by association – association with our Savior who has made us, redeemed us, and held our hand all our life.  We don’t want to be the fifth wheel among our easy-going friends, the fanatic of the family, or risk losing the affection of others in a small town by openly holding to the teachings of Christ.

We fear the sometimes spoken, often unspoken question that was put to Simon Peter in the courtyard one dreadful night: “Didn’t I see you with Him?”  (John 18:26 EHV).  Suddenly Peter found it uncomfortable, even dangerous to be associated with the name of Jesus, with the name of his Friend.

The gospel is about my Friend.  This Friend of mine can be counted on.  His perfect life counts for the life I have so miserably messed up.  His payment is credited to my bankrupt account. His resurrection casts the light of life itself down into the dark of my grave.  

The gospel does not tell me how I ought to feel about Christ.  The gospel tells me how Christ feels about me, and all that He did for me.

Paul said it this way:  “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes”  (Romans 1:16 EHV).  

More wondrous still, Jesus Christ Is not embarrassed to associate with us!(Hebrews 2:11; 11:16  EHV).