Music and Science

Music and Science

Science and Fine Arts

Who:  Students in grades 5 – 8.  No tryouts required.
What:  Learn and improve vocal music skills in a solo or small group setting.  Our purpose for students participating in vocals at Science and Fine Arts/WSMA is to grow in their singing ability by learning a piece of music, performing it in front  of an audience, and to receive constructive comments on their performance.  It is our hope that the students will grow in confidence to continue publicly singing songs to His glory.
When and Where:  At school at various times during the school day.
When and Where Performances 2018 – 2019:
Science and Fine Arts: November 2, 2019 at Luther High School, Onalaska.
Vocals, Chess, Math, Art and Crafts, Spelling, Choral, Band

Science and Fine Arts:  March 7, 2020 at Luther High School, Onalaska
Piano, Instrumentals, Social Studies, Science, and Forensics

WSMA:  (Gr. 6 – 8)  Last weekend in February

There is no commitment to do WSMA if you do SFA.  These are both voluntary commitments.
For more information on WSMA please see:

St. Paul’s Adoration Choir

Volunteer Junior Choir; “The Vocal Athletes”
Who:  Students in grades 1 – 8.  No tryouts required.
What:  Learn and improve vocal music skills in a group setting including unison singing, harmonies, rounds, and dynamics.  The purpose of this energetic group is to sing Praises to God, proclaiming the Love of Jesus our Savior.
When and Where:  Practice during the school day.  Sing in Worship services and special events.

“Ring Out the Joy”, Our Handchime Choir

Who:  Students in grades 5 – 8.
What:  Learn and play the handchimes in a group setting.  Participants will learn to follow music in time and rhythm to produce a song amongst others playing different “notes” or chimes.
When and Where:  Practice during the school day.  Play in Worship services.

Choir Schedule for Church Services

St Pauls singing schedule 2019001         2019-20 Singing Schedule


Piano Lessons

Who:  Students in grades 1-8.
What:  Anyone interested in taking piano lessons, Please call Vicki Schultz at 786-1742.
When and Where:  Lessons will be 30 minutes once a week during school hours.  Cost will be $10/lesson.