Bible Information Class

Bible Information Class

Bible Information Class (BIC) provides a free, no-obligation study of the Christian faith as taught in God’s Word and at St. Paul’s. Participants in the class are eligible for membership at St. Paul’s upon completion. Members are also invited to take the class (and bring a friend with you!) to review the basics of faith and the gospel.

The course centers on our relationship with God. We’ll examine through the Bible what God has done for our relationship with him, and we’ll see how that affects and changes our outlook with fellow believers and the world. The class is organized in three parts:

Part 1 – A Relationship Broken and Restored

  • Our relationship with God by nature isn’t good. Why not? What has God done to change that for all people? Why can we be confident in that?

Part 2 – A Vertical Relationship

  • We’ll dive into how God changes our relationship with him personally, and how he maintains and nurtures that relationship.

Part 3 – A Horizontal Relationship

  • What God has done changes our relationship with others and our view of this life as we look forward to the next. In order to understand that, it’s important to understand what the Bible says about who God is, who Jesus is, and who the Holy Spirit is, too.

To enroll in the class or to find out more, please contact the pastor at 608-486-2754 or