St. Paul's Church

Ladies Aid

Our Christian women serve the Lord by serving funeral luncheons, visiting shut-ins, funding special projects of the church at home and abroad.

They pray for our missionaries and support the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society and our synod’s Medical Mission.  The “Sunshine Committee” helps beautify the altar for worship.  Ladies Aid has also sponsored special fellowship hours, especially at Easter.  We invite and welcome visitors and new members!

  • Ladies Aid meets on the last Thursday of each month at either 2:00 or 7:30 pm. Bible study is a part of each meeting.


Do you have a singing voice and need an outlet?  Join our Choir and enhance our worship services in a special way!  Contact Brian Berg, Choir Director to join!  Call 486-4049

Membership Class

If you or someone you know is interested in instruction toward church membership, please contact the pastor at 608-486-2754 or

Shut in or Hospitalized?

Shut-ins are visited as often as possible by the pastor and by members of Ladies Aid.  If a visit is desired, please call the Pastor.
If you are hospitalized, please call Pastor Hefti for a visit or a prayer in church.