Our week by week journey through The Acts of the Apostles brings us to the third chapter.  By the Savior’s power Peter heals a lame man at the gate of the temple.

It brings to mind Christ’s own miracles of healing on the pages of the four Gospels.

The Gospels portray a beautiful scene.   In the haunting, red rays of the setting sun, when the Sabbath is officially over, the multitudes gather at the door of Simon Peter’s house from every alley and lane.  There in the doorway Jesus stands to greet them – and He heals them, “laying His hands on each one,” says the Gospel of Luke.

But who of us has not wondered about all the people in the world who did not meet up with Jesus and who died of their illnesses?

What about all those Jesus healed who eventually died of something else?

It is true that the Savior raised Lazarus from the grave at Bethany, but what about all the other sisters and widows and children whose loved ones did not come back from the cemetery that day?

It is true that over the years, we have seen a number of people raised up from their bed of illness in answer to prayer.  But we have seen many who did not recover.

The question is not whether Jesus could, did and can heal our diseases.  He clearly could, did and can.

But why did Jesus exercise such restraint of His powers?  Why were there not more healings and empty graves?  Why do the blessings seem measured and tempered and limited?

Is it not because Jesus did not come to create heaven on earth, but to give us snapshots and previews of a world far better, where the powers of darkness shall lie trampled in the dust, where the curse of sickness is reversed, where death itself works backwards?

Wherever Jesus went, He confronted the forces of evil and set right what was wrong.  It was in His very nature.  Every healing pointed back to a time in Eden when people did not go blind, become crippled, get cancer or heart disease, when people did not have to arrange funerals and attend them.

You and I are here today because Jesus has healed us countless times – of flu bugs and infections and clogged arteries that could have killed us sooner.  He has delivered us from injuries sustained in accidents – and from numberless accidents that just never happened.  But eventually, the wages of sin is death…yet He who rose and lives forevermore will raise us too.

He who heals our diseases came not to make us comfortable in a broken world, but to give us a glimpse of an infinitely better world to come where God will right the wrongs and fix what is broken.  Jesus was no more satisfied with this world than we are.  But He who heals our diseases has given us a hint of what He intends to do about it, previews of coming attractions.   Christ bids us stay tuned.