Pre-K & Kindergarten

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Mrs. Manke

Dear Parents:
Thank you for your interest in St. Paul’s Pre-Kindergarten program. Most parents of Pre-K age children are looking to find a place for their student to attend this fall. We believe that we have a special opportunity to work with parents, not only to help get a student ready for Kindergarten, but to also share the message of Jesus with each of our students.

We are now offering a five day a week preschool program along with our five day kindergarten program. If you would like to send your child on the additional Monday, Wednesday, and Friday days the cost is $12.00 per day for church members and $20.00 per day for non-members.

If you have any questions about St. Paul’s Lutheran School and our Pre-Kindergarten program, please feel free to call me at school at the number below. You may call or email me at 608-486-2641 (school) 608-386-8715 (cell) We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your Pre-K student.

Registration for the Pre-K program is located on our website.

In Jesus’ Name,
Mrs. Gwen Manke
Pre-K and Kindergarten Teacher