1 Corinthians 3 – NO OTHER FOUNDATION

1 Corinthians 3 – NO OTHER FOUNDATION

Opening Hymn – 1st Service: Grades 1-4 – “The Wise Man & The Foolish Man”
2nd Service: 582
Liturgy – Page 15 (front of hymnal)
Scripture Lessons: Isaiah 28:16; 1 Corinthians 3; Matthew 7:24-29
The Apostle’s Creed – Page 19 (front of hymnal)
Hymn – 529
Offertory – Offering – Prayers – Lord’s Prayer – Page 20 (front of hymnal)
Hymn – 528
Closing Prayer & Benediction (Page 25)
Closing Hymn – 538
IN GRATITUDE TO GOD for their 60th wedding anniversary, Herb & Bonnie Miller have placed today’s altar flowers and have donated $250.00 to the General Fund.

IN MEMORY of Arlene Cole, mother of Candace Warhanik, flowers are placed.

HEIDELBERG is Sun. Oct. 24, 11:00 – 2:30 at Luther. Info sheets in entry.

Council voted to donate $100.00 (a brick) for the Bangor First Responders building in the name of St. Paul’s Ev. Lutheran Church & School. Furnaces will be checked at Church, School & Parsonage. Current children statistics show that St. Paul’s has 129 children (baptized newborns through Grade 8). A fair number of these children live outside the Bangor school district. Our current enrollment at St. Paul’s School is 65 (including the pre-school). Of these 65, 56 are members of St. Paul’s and 9 are non-members. Some parents of non-member children are enrolled in adult instruction. Council approved the 2011 Budget for recommendation to the voters. Quarterly Voters Meeting is Mon. Oct. 18, 7:30 p.m. Carolyn Herman is coordinating the picture directory project. A committee has been formed and has met with some representatives. If you wish to help out, call Carolyn at 486-2973. The possibility of placing some speakers under the balcony is being investigated.

VOLUNTEERS needed to take turns uploading and editing our “vimeo” of the services for the internet each week. Mr. Jeff Parr will provide the training necessary. You may contact Jeff at 792-4044 or e-mail him at techcoordinator@stpaulsbangor.com

AREA WELS REFORMATION RALLY is October 31, 3:30 p.m. at First Lutheran Church, La Crosse.

CHRISTMAS DIORAMA information is posted downstairs!

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