Galatians 5:1- 6 – “Let Freedom Ring!”

Galatians 5:1- 6 – “Let Freedom Ring!”

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Call to Worship
Reformation Confession of Sins
The Word of God
The Old Testament Lesson: Daniel 6:10-12, 16-23
The Gospel Lesson: Matthew 10:16-23
The Second Article of the Apostles’ Creed
The Sermon Hymn: # 204                        “O God, Our Lord, Your Holy Word”
The Sermon: Galatians 5:1- 6                                                 “Let Freedom Ring!”
The Offering
A HYMN OF PREPARATION FOR HOLY COMMUNION:# 303  “With Broken Heart and Contrite Sigh” (vs 1-3)
THE HYMN DURING COMMUNION DISTRIBUTION:# 313 “Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior”
THE CLOSING HYMN: # 201                             “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”

Baptisms: Today following the 10:00 am service Kadence Elizabeth Kassera and Kody John Kassera, children of Jesse and Rachel Kassera, will receive the blessings for forgiveness of sins, eternal life and salvation through the sacrament of Holy Baptism. Please offer a prayer on their behalf that God would continue to build and strengthen them in the faith throughout their lives as their family learns and grows to know Jesus better every day!

Luther High Music Dept. Fruit Sale:   Luther students will be taking orders in the church basement between services every Sunday through 11/15/20 to raise funds for the Music Department, or you may contact Joshua Stratman at 608-486-4735. 

LIVE NATIVITY SIGN UP is today, November 1 at 12 noon and must be done individually on-line to participate on December 5 & 6.  A table is set up in the narthex today with further details.  Contact Karen Bauer with any questions at 608-461-0125.

Live Nativity Promo Video:

TREE CUTTING for LIVE NATIVITY– People needed to help cut and haul trees down to Riverside park on Saturday, November 14th. Please let us know if you can bring a chainsaw and/or a truck/trailer along. Meet at Bowman Tree Farm (4169 Barrell Rd. Sparta) at 9:00AM. If you won’t make it there until after 9:30AM you may want to just head down to Riverside to help unload. Sign-up link is located on our Live Nativity Riverside- Diorama Facebook Page or . Please sign-up so we can contact you if plans change. Questions? Contact Mimi Richmond. 608-347-1533. 

Thank you!
Micah Gray (tuba), Michael Lazaretti (trumpet), and Joshua Stratman(trumpet) are the instrumentalists in the services today. Pastor Paul and Carol Stuebs are the cantors. Mrs. Irene Bakken is the organist. Thanks to these musicians for sharing their spiritual gifts with the congregation today!

Luther High Knightly News
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November Worship Services:
The 4 Sundays in November are known as “End Times” Sundays. They are the last 4 Sundays of the Christian church year. Each Sunday has a different theme. 

November 1 – Reformation Sunday urges us to reflect on the faith we confess.
November 8 – Last Judgment is a reminder that the end of the world is approaching.
November 15 – Saints Triumphant is a peek into heaven at the joy that awaits us there.
November 22 – Christ the King Sunday is a reminder that our Savior reigns forever!
November 25/26 – National Day of Thanksgiving. 
November 29 – 1st Sunday in the New Christian Church year – Advent!