Genesis 11-12 – THE CALL

Genesis 11-12 – THE CALL

Opening Solo: “The God of Abraham Praise”
Liturgy – Page 38 “Service of the Word” in its entirety (front of hymnal)
Scripture Readings: Genesis 11-12; 
Congregation Sings Psalm 121 on Page 112 (front of hymnal) 
Hebrews 11:8-10; Matthew 3:1-9
(“Verse of the Day” response after Epistle & Response After Gospel – Page 40)
[Old Testament Lesson from NIV ’84; Epistle & Gospel from EHV]
Hymn – 380
SERMON – Genesis 11-12 – THE CALL
The Apostles’ Creed After Sermon (Page 41 – front of hymnal)
Offering – Prayers – Lord’s Prayer
Hymn – 394
Closing Prayer & Benediction (Pages 43-44)
Closing Hymn – 379

IN MEMORY of Ryan Tauscher, $200.00 has been given to the General Fund and flowers are placed near the altar by Dawn Tauscher and Macey & Marley.

ALTAR FLOWERS are placed in memory of Erma Schroeder by the family.

FOR SOME VARIETY in our worship this morning, we will follow the “Service of the Word” on page 38 in its entirety. Please note page numbers, etc. under the order of worship.

HARVEST-MISSION FESTIVAL will be observed on Sunday, September 23 in both services. Guest preacher will be Pastor Ben Schmudlach from First Lutheran in La Crosse. Pastor Schmudlach also serves as WELS Campus Pastor for UWL.

Council approved putting the various school funds under the duties of the treasurer. Budget Committee meets Wed. Sept. 12, 7 p.m. at school. Current school enrollment is 49 (10 in Preschool on Tuesdays & Thursdays and 39 in Grades K-8). VOLUNTEERS are needed at school (especially on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) to donate a few hours answering phones and perhaps some light office work. Call Mr. Bakken at 486-2641. The Quarterly Voters Meeting will be on Sunday, October 21 at 11:15 a.m. downstairs to avoid conflicting with the Luther High Fall Festival that day. Nominating Committee meets Wed. Nov. 7, 7 p.m. at school. The New School Building Committee , as announced last week, met on August 27 to organize itself. Members are Dan Arndt (Chairman), Dylan Blount, Dale Hesselberg, Chad Horstman, Ben Hoth, Mark Larson, and Roger Lund. All members of our congregation are considered advisory to this committee and are invited to offer their ongoing input to these committee members. No decision by the voters assembly has yet been made regarding this project. Your questions and your input are welcome. The members of the committee themselves are researching site preparation, preliminary layouts, financing, congregational support level, etc. Our statement of fund balances at the end of July showed $100,752.43 in the New School Fund and approximately $270,000.00 in undesignated bequest funds. At some point, a congregational information and discussion meeting will be held.