John 10:1-21 – THE 23rd PSALM IN THE FLESH

John 10:1-21 – THE 23rd PSALM IN THE FLESH

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Opening Hymn – 436 
Liturgy – Page 38 (front of hymnal)
Scripture Lessons: Isaiah 40:10-11; Psalm 23 (KJV)
1 Peter 5:1-4; John 10:1-21
(Please note responses after Epistle & Gospel Lessons – Page 40)
Hymn – 375
SERMON – John 10:1-21 – THE 23rd PSALM IN THE FLESH
The Apostles’ Creed – Page 41 (front of hymnal)
The Offering Will Be Brought Forward
Prayers – Lord’s Prayer – Benediction
Closing Hymn – 432

WEDDING – Mikayla Horstman & Ross Caygill said their marriage vows before the Lord’s altar yesterday.

IN GRATITUDE TO GOD $50.00 has been given to the webcast fund.

A congregational Pre-Call meeting will be held on the main floor of the church THIS Wednesday, July 15, 7:00 p.m.  This Pre-Call meeting is open to all of our members, men and women.  The purpose of the meeting is for the District President, Pastor Mike Jensen, to hold a Bible study on the Divine Call, then to receive input from the members on the needs of the congregation going forward so he can proceed to formulate a Call list of men for a future Call meeting.  

Recognizing that the pastoral ministry is not a “job” or a “hiring,” but a Divine Call from the Holy Spirit through the congregation of believers, we ask the Holy Spirit to guide the process. (As is often customary, in order not to inhibit free conversation, your current pastor will intentionally not attend this congregational meeting.)  THE ACTUAL CALL MEETING will be a Voters Meeting, not a congregational meeting. 

THIS CALL MEETING BY THE VOTERS HAS NOW BEEN OFFICIALLY SCHEDULED FOR WEDNESDAY, JULY 22, 7:00 P.M. ON THE MAIN FLOOR.  Either District President Jensen or Circuit Pastor Schultz will lead the voters in calling from a list of candidates prepared by the District President.  

PASTOR &  MRS. HEFTI will be visiting family from Friday, July 24 through Wednesday, July 29.  Pastor Paul Stuebs will conduct services here on July 26-27.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PASS THE WORD that St. Paul’s continues to live stream services for those who may not yet be ready or able to attend in-person worship.  We understand concerns about  recent “spikes” of the virus, and respect  the different choices our members make.   Do not hesitate to wear a mask to church if you so wish.  Along with sanitizing between services and common sense distancing, we want those who choose to attend services to feel as safe as possible.  

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