Recorded Sunday, February 2, 2020 at St. Paul’s Ev. Lutheran Church in Bangor, Wisconsin.

Opening Hymn – 586
Liturgy – Page 15 (abbreviated Communion Liturgy – front of hymnal)
Scripture Readings: Jeremiah 1:4-10; Psalm 115:1;
2 Corinthians 4:5-7; John 3:22-36
All Scripture lessons are from the Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)
The Nicene Creed – Pages 18-19 (front of hymnal)
Hymn – 20
Offertory – Offering
Prayers – Lord’s Prayer
THE LORD’S SUPPER – Page 23 (front of hymnal)
Distribution Hymn – 541
Closing Prayer – Benediction (Pages 24-25)
Closing Hymn – 392

WITH THE LORD – Marie Betsinger passed away on Wednesday at the age of 88. Funeral services were held yesterday here at the church. Flowers are placed in her memory

MR. DAVID ADICKES, long-time teacher and choir director at Luther High
School, passed away Wednesday at the age of 83. Memorial service will be at First Lutheran, La Crosse Sat. Feb. 8th at 2:00 p.m. Visitation from 12 to 2. Coffee & desserts follow in church social hall. One of Dave’s requests was that the song “God’s Son Has Made Me Free” be sung at his memorial service. Alumni and friends are invited to join the Sound Foundation to sing at this service. There will be a brief rehearsal in the church fellowship hall at 1:30 PM. Questions? please contact Paul Adickes at

AS ANNOUNCED LAST SUNDAY, a Divine Call was extended Jan. 19 to Mrs. Trisha Engelbrecht to serve as teacher of grades 1-2 in our school starting in the 2020-2021 school year. We await her prayerful decision.

IN MEMORY of Eileen Arndt, an additional $75.00 has been given to the General Fund and $185.00 to the School Renovation Fund.

IN MEMORY of Colleen Schroeder, an additional $1,275.00 has been given to the School Renovation Fund.

IN MEMORY of Kay Tauscher, $520.00 is given to the General Fund.

IN THE NARTHEX: New Usher Schedules, Annual Report, Meditations

LUTHER HIGH informational meeting on school choice, Wednesday, February 12 from 5:00-6:00 PM in the Luther Chapel Auditorium.

LOOKING AHEAD TO LENT The Lenten season in 2020 begins on Ash Wednesday, February 26. There will again be two opportunities to worship on each of the six Wednesdays of Lent – 9:00 a.m. & 7:00 p.m. Please plan to join us!