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Opening Ensemble:   “Christ Is Risen!  Alleluia!”
Liturgy – Page 15 (front of hymnal)
Scripture Lessons:    Exodus 16:2-5, 31-35;    Psalm 78:23-25
1 Corinthians 10:1-4;      John 6:22-40
All Scripture lessons are from the Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)
The Apostles Creed – Page 19  (front of hymnal)
Hymn – 331
Offertory  – Prayers – Lord’s Prayer – Benediction
Closing Hymn – 160

COMMUNION ATTENDANCE in small groups on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday totaled approximately 140.

Nursing homes and hospitals are restricting regular access at this time.  For the safety of everyone and for the protection of our shut-ins, usual pastoral visits will be delayed.  In urgent circumstances, do not hesitate to phone the pastor (486-2754) and he will be happy to minister to you on a personal basis.  

All 7th & 8th Grade Confirmation students continue to be contacted by email and the pastor is currently recording and presenting Catechism lessons by a video link.  Stay tuned for eventual information on how we will handle examination and confirmation.

OFFERINGS & FINANCES   Our online giving app is now up and running!  Simply go the home page at and click on the offering button. We are also receiving offerings by mail, or as you may wish, by bringing offering envelopes to the parsonage. Our treasurer continues to make regular deposits. 

BAPTISM Lilliana Laurayne Beisker, daughter of Cody and Megan Beisker was received into the kingdom of God’s grace by the washing of water and the Word shortly after birth in Rochester on Friday, April 17.                 

Council met Wednesday evening.  A one-year Call was extended to Mrs. Penny Adickes to teach grades 1-2.  Voters on the 26th at 1:00 p.m. will meet in various rooms at school with technology assistance.  If there are voters who wish to attend in a virtual manner, please contact Tech Coordinator, Jeff Parr, at 

REGARDING OUR SCHOOL RENOVATION PROJECT:The School Renovation Committee received three bids for the school renovation project. They were very pleased and thankful for the numbers which they have received. The low bid was from Olympic Builders with a bid of $379,985.00. This included everything that was anticipated to be done on the project with the exception of the asbestos abatement. There was a separate bid for the asbestos. Given the reasonableness of the numbers for the overall contract, the committee recommended three modest additions to the project. First installing a unisex handicap accessible bathroom, at an estimated cost of $15,000. Second, completing the installation of the security system for the new locked vestibule, which will allow remote monitoring and opening of the door as well as security cameras on other portions of school property, for an estimated total of $7,000.00. Third, excavation of the new donated land to remove the old foundation as well as the trash trees that surround the original school playground. Since we have generous donations from members with excavation equipment it is anticipated there will be no cost for that. The building committee unanimously recommend to the counsel that the Olympic bid be accepted with a minor change order to include Klich Electric as the electrical contractor, to include the handicap accessible bathroom, security system, cameras and excavations. The committee felt it was prudent to include a 10% contingency fund in the total project to cover any unexpected expenses.  Committee Chairman Dan Arndt presented a thorough review of the bids, the bidding process, dollars available for the project, as well as the expected financing. After a thorough and lengthy discussion the counsel unanimously approved the Building Renovation Committee’s recommendation. The Building Committee recommended the counsel request voter approved for total funds not to exceed $500,000. This was unanimously approved. The Counsel further recommended that the Building Committee notify Olympic Builders that they could plan to begin the project as soon as voter approval, which will occur April 26th. Finally the Building Committee was directed to investigate renting a large storage container which in used with conjunction with the existing storage building should be adequate to have all of the furniture and supplies stored throughout the project so those things don’t have to repeatedly moved. Funds currently set aside for this project (school renovation fund and undesignated bequests) total approximately $328,000.00 Based on financing available, our highest mortgage would be $221.00 per Sunday. (Anticipated mortgage was already included in our budget approved in January)