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Opening Hymn – 582
Liturgy – Page 15 (front of hymnal)
Scripture Lessons:   Isaiah 42:1-4; Psalm 27:4-5
1 Corinthians 1:18-25;   John 7:1-24
All Scripture lessons are from the Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)
The Apostles Creed – Page 19  (front of hymnal)
Hymn – 382
Offertory  – Prayers – Lord’s Prayer – BenedictionClosing
Ensemble – “May The Peace Of God”

WITH THE LORD – Della Berg passed away on Thursday at the age of 100. Funeral arrangements are pending.

CALL ACCEPTED  We rejoice to announce that Mrs. Penny Adickes has accepted our one-year Call to teach grades 1-2.

WE THANK MRS. BEISKER for her service to Christ’s lambs at our school for the past two years.  Since we will not be able to gather in large groups for a proper farewell, you may wish to send her a note of thanks to:  Mrs. & Mrs. Cody Beisker, 411 N. 4th Street,  La Crescent, MN 55947.   (Their newborn daughter, Lilliana, is doing well at Mayo, Rochester).

IN MEMORY of Bonnie Miller, $1,275.00 has been given to the General Fund and $1,300.00 to the School Renovation Fund.

THANK YOU! to the 7th grade families and others for cleaning the church as we prepare for public worship services down the road.  Thanks also to our faculty and all of the volunteers  who helped to clear out the school for the renovation which is scheduled to begin this week.


Various Reports were read and approved.  First quarter pastor’s report showed 3 baptisms, 1 adult confirmation and 6 funerals during for the first quarter.  Council will discuss the possibility of providing communion in small groups in rotating fashion at some time in May as we did during Holy Week.  Pastor has been conducting catechism video classes with the 7th & 8th graders. A modified examination of the confirmands is being considered and then a public confirmation service (June??).  Stay tuned.  The principal’s report indicated that Mrs. Beisker and baby daughter are doing well. At the time of this meeting, Mrs. Penny Adickes was still deliberating our one-year Call to teach Grades 1-2.   The graduation of our four 8th graders may be observed at one of the services down the road.     Mr. Dan Arndt, chairman of our building committee, presented the bid from Olympic Builders to renovate the school.  The bid was unanimously approved by the voters. Please note the paragraph below:


The voters unanimously approved acceptance of the bid from Olympic Builders for the remodeling of the school. The remodeling will include a new roof for most of the school and the gym, new drop ceilings in all the classrooms, all new floors, new exterior panels for the gym, new lighting and electrical, remodeling of the bathrooms, installation of a unisex handicap accessible bathroom, painting all interior walls, new lockers, all new windows, addressing any required foundational issues and the plumbing issues, a new locked security vestibule, a security system for the locked entrance, any required asbestos abatement, as well as excavation of the lot to join it to the donated land. The voters approved a maximum budget of $500,000 for the project. The Building Committee, Council and voters were encouraged with the contract numbers that were received. At this point the estimated cost is $451,280.13. The project is planned to be completed by Labor Day 2020.  The estimated maximum mortgage payment is $953.22 per month or $221.68 per Sunday. It was noted that the Council had already included payments in a substantially greater amount than that in the current budget. The Committee, Council and voters were very encouraged that with allocated funds, some possible additional sources of funding, expected donations, and a bit more generous congregational support at the beginning of the project, there is a realistic possibility that the project could be paid for without the need of a long term mortgage. Appreciation was given to the Building Committee Members for their 20 months and continuing service: Roger Lund, Dylan Blount, Ben Hoth, Chad Horstman, Dale Hesselberg and Mark Larson.  [Above summary was provided by Building Committee Chairman Dan Arndt].

Monday, May 4th, will be our last drop off and pick up day from 3 to 6 PM in the church basement. Please return all completed school textbooks, and all other school property at this time. We will not be handing out any more assignments as our Education Committee has agreed to end the school year on May 4th.  Students will be able to collect their personal belongings that were left at school. If you have any questions or are unable to attend please contact your classroom teacher.

Nursing homes and hospitals are restricting regular access at this time.  For the safety of everyone and for the protection of our shut-ins, usual pastoral visits will be delayed.  In urgent circumstances, do not hesitate to phone the pastor (486-2754) and he will be happy to minister to you on a personal basis.  

All 7th & 8th Grade Confirmation students continue to be contacted by email and the pastor is currently recording and presenting Catechism lessons by a video link.  Stay tuned for eventual information on how we will handle examination and confirmation.

OFFERINGS & FINANCES   Our online giving app is now up and running!  Simply go the home page at and click on the offering button. We are also receiving offerings by mail, or as you may wish, by bringing offering envelopes to the parsonage. Our treasurer continues to make regular deposits.