Luke 1:26-38 – GOD IN THE FLESH

Luke 1:26-38 – GOD IN THE FLESH

Opening Hymn – 1st Service: Grades 3-5 – “Gifts In My Heart”
2nd Service: 23
Liturgy – Page 15 (abbreviated Communion liturgy – front of hymnal)
Scripture Lessons: Isaiah 9:6-7; Romans 9:1-5; Luke 1:26-38
The Nicene Creed – Pages 18-19 (front of hymnal)
Hymn – 36
SERMON – Luke 1:26-38 – GOD IN THE FLESH
Offertory – Offering
Prayers – Lord’s Prayer – Page 20 (front of hymnal)
THE LORD’S SUPPER – Page 23 (front of hymnal)
Distribution Hymn – 377
Closing Prayer & Benediction (Page 25)
Closing Hymn – 2

BAPTISM – Ryan Marcus Brueggeman, son of Alexander & Rebecca Brueggeman, is received into the kingdom of God’s grace by the washing of water and the Word in today’s second service.

ALTAR FLOWERS are placed in memory of Elmer & Virginia Horstman by loved ones.

IN MEMORY of Edward ‘Skip’ Richmond, $938 has been given for the purchase of the “Shepherd’s Staff” computer program for membership and financial records, etc. with the balance going for hymnals.

IN MEMORY of Renata Bushek, $457.00 has been given for a laptop computer specifically for the “Shepherd’s Staff” computer program with any balance going to the St. Paul’s Relief Fund.

IN MEMORY of Charles Arndt, who would have been 80 on December 8, $500.00 has donated to the New School Fund.

2016 OFFERING ENVELOPES are available downstairs. Please pick yours up promptly. Thanks!

Nominations for Church officers will be posted in January. Thanks to the kind souls who have placed this year’s Christmas tree. Council will fill Christmas bags after second service on Dec. 20. Stewardship-Evangelism Committee met Nov. 25. Visits are underway to members we have not seen in some time.

Christmas Eve Children’s Services Thursday December 24 5:30 & 7:00 p.m.
Christmas Day Worship Friday December 25 9:00 a.m.
Regular Sunday Worship: Sunday December 27 8:00 & 10:00 a.m.
New Year’s Eve Communion Thursday December 31 7:00 p.m.