Luke 17:11-19 – THE LOUDEST LEPER

Luke 17:11-19 – THE LOUDEST LEPER

Opening Anthem by the Choir: “With Joyful Thanksgiving”
Liturgy – Page 26 (front of hymnal – in its entirety)
Old Testament Lesson: Habakkuk 3:17-18
Congregation Sings Psalm 103 (page 105 – front of the hymnal)
Epistle & Gospel Lessons: Philippians 4:4-7; Luke 17:11-19
Choir: “All Good Gifts”
Hymn – 610
Luther’s Explanation To the First Article (See Opposite Page)
Offering – Prayer – Lord’s Prayer
THE LORD’S SUPPER – Page 33 (front of hymnal)
Distribution Hymn – 588
Thank The Lord – Closing Prayer & Benediction (Pages 36-37)
Closing Hymn – 609


I believe that God created me and all that exists, and that He gave me my body and soul, eyes, ears and all my members, my mind and all my abilities.

And I believe that God still preserves me by richly and daily providing clothing and shoes, food and drink, property and home, spouse and children, land, cattle and all I own, and all I need to keep my body and life. God also preserves me by defending me against all danger, guarding and protecting me from all evil.

All this God does only because He is my good and merciful Father in heaven, and not because I have earned or deserved it.

For all this I ought to thank and praise, to serve and obey Him. This is most certainly true.

ALTAR FLOWERS are placed for Thanksgiving in memory of Gerald & Scott Herman by Carolyn Herman & Shari Axelsen & family.

2020 OFFERING ENVELOPES are available in the basement. Please pick yours up promptly. Thank you!

SUNDAY SCHOOL CHILDREN are currently learning their materials for Christmas Eve services in addition to their Bible studies. Their regular attendance at Sunday School is encouraged.

CHRISTMAS DIORAMA INFORMATION is on the table in the narthex. For more information please call Miss Bauer (608-461-0125).

Regular Worship: Sun. Dec. 22, 8 & 10 a.m.
Christmas Eve Children’s Service: Tues.. Dec. 24, 4:30 & 6:00 p.m.
Christmas Day Worship: Wed., Dec. 25, 9:00 a.m.
Regular Worship: Sun. Dec. 29, 8 & 10 a.m.
New Years Eve Communion Service: Tues., Dec. 31, 7:00 p.m.
No Sunday School or Sunday Bible Study on December 29.

STEWARDSHIP-EVANGELISM COMM. meets Wednesday evening, approximately 8 p.m. on main floor after Deeerhunters Thanksgiving Service.