Matthew 18:21-35 – “Forgiveness has no limits”

Matthew 18:21-35 – “Forgiveness has no limits”

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HYMNS: 234  493  384    316 
SCRIPTURE LESSONS: Genesis 50:15-21, Ephesians 4:29-5:2
SERMON: Matthew 18:21-35 – “Forgiveness has no limits”


The unusual circumstances facing the congregation because of the Coronavirus is compounded with the retirement of Pastor Hefti. Many things are different about worship these days. Masks are a state mandated nuisance foisted upon all of us. Please be considerate and thoughtful as you follow safety guidelines here at church just as you do elsewhere. 

Vacancy Pastor Olson will be learning from all of you how ministry is being done at St. Paul’s. He will do things differently – not better or worse, just differently. During the vacancy, you will be exposed to changes that we pray will help you adjust to a new pastor when the Lord provides one. 

Visitation: Pastor Olson is ready and willing to minister to anyone from the St. Paul’s congregation. Many are not able to be with us on Sundays for a variety of reasons. Please contact him should you or someone you know desire a pastoral visit, the Lord’s Supper, counseling or other spiritual guidance. Pastor Olson is most easily reached via his cell phone: (706)339-5886. You may also reach him at or call the parsonage at (608)486-2754 and leave a message and phone number. He will check messages on that phone regularly.

The service is live streamed during the 8:00 am service and is recorded on the congregation’s website for viewing at a later date:


Dear Father in heaven, prepare my heart to receive your Word and Sacrament by leading me to see the unforgiving nature of my cold and selfish heart and then draw me closer to Jesus so that he may open my eyes to see the forgiveness you offer to me through his bloody sacrifice. Teach me to forgive as you have forgiven me and fill my heart with peace and joy through your holy Word. Amen.


… begins today! If you have not yet registered your child (ages 3-8th grade) for Sunday School, please speak to Mr. Duve as soon as possible. You may reach him at (989) 385-0032 or email him at:


Today from 9:15 – 9:40 we will introduce St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians during Bible study. Join us if you can. Ask questions. We will move along at a “snail’s pace” so that we will have time to discuss this short letter that is a wonderful guide to living life as a child of God in a heathen world. Class will be held in the church basement because there is not a fellowship hour during these COVID19 days.

Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning, October 6th  (7:00 pm) & 7th (9:00 am) a new Bible study on the 12 Minor Prophets of the Old Testament will begin. The goal is to do one book a week. First up: Hosea – the man whom God commanded to remain faithful to his unfaithful wife. Join us if you can. This class will also meet in the church basement.

The participants in Bible class will help us determine whether the time is right to begin “in-person” Bible studies.


… meeting from 9:15 – 9:40 also in the church basement!


Confirmation classes Wednesday at 3:30 for non-LES students

Education Committee meets at School – Wednesday @ 6:00 pm

Church Council meets at School – Wednesday @ 7:00 pm


150th Anniversary @ St. John’s – Barre Mills @ 8 & 10:30 am


Prop Repair Help Needed for the Live Nativity.  Prop repair nights start this Monday, October 5th at the Rotary Building (27 Market St.)  6:30pm-9pm on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS through October 26th.


Quarterly Voter’s Meeting at 1:00 pm at church including the Pastoral Call meeting with Pastor Schultz from St. John’s – Barre Mills.


THANK YOU!   Dear friends in Christ, following last Sunday’s send-off at Church and School, our hearts are full of boundless gratitude for all the kind and generous expressions of love shown to us.  The sweet psalmist of Israel once wrote:  “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and do not forget all His benefits”. (Psalm 103:2).  The heart of gratitude is not to forget, to always remember how good God has been.  May God grant that we never forget “the fellowship of kindred minds” which we found at St. Paul’s in Bangor.  As people far distant on the earth look up at the same sun, moon and stars, may we always cast our eyes to the same Savior, Jesus Christ, no matter how many miles lie between us.  You remain in our memories, our hearts and our prayers.  
In Christ’s love and ours,
Pastor & Alice Hefti