There’s a scene in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Indy (Harrison Ford) complains to his father, old Dr. Jones (Sean Connery), that they never talked while he was growing up.

Finally, his father puts down his paper and says to his son, “OK, what is it you want to talk about?”

And Indy can’t think of a single thing.

After that many years of lousy communication, there wasn’t much to talk about anymore.  

Something like this can happen to our communication with our Father in heaven.  In the words of the Bible, God talks to us.  In prayer, we talk to God.

God’s word is always there.  But what if we stop listening?  God is always ready to listen.  But what if we stop talking?

In today’s final portion of James, the subject is largely prayer – whether in sunshine or storm, whether in sickness or in our struggles with sin.

In one way, nothing is simpler than prayer.  It’s just talking to God.  It’s one of the vital signs of faith in Jesus – like respiration, pulse or blood pressure.  The moment the Holy Spirit brought us to believe in Christ, we went “on line” with God.  But our sinful nature fights to kick us “off line” with our Father.  The devil suggests:  “Wait.  Pray when things settle down, when you’re in a more religious mood, when you get to the nursing home.”  But now is the time to pray.  Today is also the day to listen to God talk to us in the gospel.  Through faith in Christ we can “log in” and stay connected!