The Evangelical Heritage Version

The Evangelical Heritage Version

June 2016 Progress Report

The Wartburg Project (WP) is a 501(c)(3) parasynodical organization in fellowship with WELS/ELS. We thank all who have offered prayers for this project and its participants. We thank those who have given donations. The Wartburg Project includes more than 100 participants [pastors, professors, teachers, laypeople] from ELS / WELS.

By God’s grace, the Wartburg Project participants have grown by working with God’s Word. So this has become a large continuing education project. God willing, the New Testament and Psalms Special Edition will be available for purchase from Northwestern Publishing House (NPH) in August 2017, in time for celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The first five books of the Old Testament are finished and in the hands of NPH for layout. Lord willing, we expect to have complete draft translations of the rest of the Old Testament by the end of 2016. By October 1, 2016, we plan to hand in Joshua through 2 Chronicles to NPH for layout. See the progress chart for updates on Old Testament work. We continue to be ahead of schedule.

The Holy Bible: Evangelical Heritage VersionTM (EHVTM)

We have chosen The Holy Bible: Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) as the name for our base translation and related Bible products. Wartburg may be used in the name of some products that would use the Evangelical Heritage Version as their base text.

The Holy Bible

The Bible cover will include the name:  The Holy Bible. The EHV is a careful English translation of God’s inspired and inerrant Word from the original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

Evangelical is included in the name of most of our congregations as well as the WELS and ELS. “Evangel” (from the Greek term for gospel) refers to the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Evangelical means gospel-centered. Evangelical is the name that Martin Luther chose for the church that agreed with his Scriptural teaching. (Luther’s Works volumes 24 & 26).

Heritage was suggested by some of our youngest supporters. They linked it with the hymn, “God’s Word Is Our Great Heritage.” Heritage looks to the past, the present, and the future. Heritage expresses our respect for the faithful translators of the past. We are standing on the shoulders of giants. We’ve received God’s Word in the present as a great Heritage, an inheritance. This great Heritage is to be passed from generation to generation until Christ returns. We seek to spread the light of God’s Word from age to age.
God’s Word is our great heritage
And shall be ours forever.
To spread its light from age to age
Shall be our chief endeavor.
Through life it guides our way.
In death it is our stay.
Lord, grant while worlds endure
We keep its teaching pure
Throughout all generations.

  1. PRODUCTS: An updated edition of the EHV (© 2016) translation ofMatthew is available on Amazon. Lord willing, a new EHV study edition of Psalms with more extensive notes will appear on Amazon too.  We hope to have a complete EHV Harmony of the Gospels later this year.
  2. PASSION HISTORY: The Wartburg Project plans to make available via our own website and via NPH a free downloadable Passion History for pastors to use during the 2017 Lenten season. This updated version will contain the final EHV © 2017 text to be published by NPH.
  3. LECTIONARIES: We plan to make EHV Scripture lessons available to pastors and congregations in time for Advent 2016. From that point on, we expect to provide Scripture lessons for worship on our website. Congregations may use these without charge. Scripture lessons will be provided for the lectionaries of Christian Worship (three-year and one-year),Christian Worship Supplement, and the Lutheran Service Book (three-year and one-year). We hope that this will provide pastors and congregations the opportunity to use and test what we’ve been working to produce. Pastors will be able to cut and paste EHV texts into bulletins for use in worship. Watch for updates on this system.
  4. WORSHIP: A few composers have asked for permission to use the EHVtranslation of Psalms in their work. We are willing to discuss alterations to the translation made for musical purposes. We appreciate the interest. We are happy to make our work available for worship.
  5. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: One pastor received permission to use EHV text in Catechism and Bible History materials that he is preparing. We are happy to make our work available for use in Christian education. Several pastors have received permission to quote from the EHV in conference papers and presentations.
  6. MORE INFORMATION: We have posted a good number of FAQ articles on our website as well as other resources and papers. We are working on a library of articles. See our website ( for much more information. Sign up on the “Contact” page to receive free monthly e-reports. Like us on Facebook to receive the latest updates posted there.
  7. EDITING: WP is doing all of the editing. We have set deadlines for receiving input from our participants and deadlines for submitting the translation of the entire Bible to NPH for publishing. To remain on schedule, it has been helpful for the editors to have some release time for careful editing.
  8. NPH has proposed a design and WP has accepted the style and layout for the Reformation Anniversary edition (New Testament and Psalms). NPH and WP have met to develop formatting guidelines. WP has the final say on the text. WP owns the copyright. NPH has permission as publisher to use the text.