Even among us maverick Americans, there is a fascination with royalty.  Years back, we tuned in by the millions to watch Prince Charles and Lady Diana tie the knot.  History repeated itself when the world tuned in to watch the marriage of William and Kate.

In the case of Charles and Diana, the tell-all books and tabloids sold like hot-cakes when the fairy tale didn’t pan out too well.

None of this is new.  Folks have been captivated for centuries by the public glamor, and are eager to get the private “goods” on “the royals.”

Henry VIII must have made great table talk for the peasants who wondered what it must be like to have 8 wives in succession – and to get rid of the ones you didn’t like by chopping off their heads.

Some are old enough to remember when Edward VIII, after less than a year on the throne, abdicated his crown to marry Mrs. Simpson.

Americans don’t have kings and queens.  So we satisfy our longing for some sort of royalty with our voyeuristic obsession over presidents and celebrities.  The Kennedy dynasty became known as “Camelot.”  The Barrymore family filled the same role in the acting business.

To study the kings and queens of any nation is to learn the history of the nation itself.  Biographies clothe history with flesh and blood.

So it is with the history of God’s Old Testament people.  David was a man after God’s own heart, says the Bible.  But he fell on his face with what journalists today would probably call “Bathsheba-gate.”   Solomon was the wisest and wealthiest of Israel’s kings.  But in his later years he failed to practice what he preached.  He fell hard!   And then there are the really bad ones – Ahab and his wicked wife, Jezebel.  Or King Ahaz and King Manasseh who offered up their own children in sacrifice to idols.

Now, as then, people long for heroes to look up to and admire.  Now, as then, every earthly king, president and celebrity turns out to be a disappointment.  The best and brightest have feet of clay, or worse yet, hearts of stone.  Only in Jesus Christ do we have a King who never disappoints.  All glory and honor to the King of Kings!