The Wartburg Project (An Update)

The Wartburg Project (An Update)

Publication Agreement Reached Between Northwestern Publishing House and the Wartburg Project

As Northwestern Publishing House announced in a press release on March 16, Northwestern Publishing House (NPH) and the Wartburg Project have reached an agreement that NPH will be the exclusive publisher of the Bible which is being produced by the Wartburg Project (WP). Pastors are receiving a letter in the mail from NPH.

The first goal, a challenging one, is to publish a promotional paperback edition of the New Testament and Psalms in the fall of 2017 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  There will also be electronic versions of this. The publication of hardcover and electronic editions of the whole Bible will follow at a date still to be determined.

The nature of our project as a cooperative effort of WELS and ELS pastors, teachers, and laypeople makes us happy to be able to work with NPH since we share the same mission of publishing edifying Christian materials for our church and for wider Christian circles. More information about the nature of the joint effort and its goals is available in the materials posted by NPH. Click on this link:

The agreement does not make the Wartburg Project a WELS project, nor does it make the Wartburg Project’s Bible NPH’s Bible. (The Wartburg Project’s Bible has not been officially named yet. We will be seeking input on the name soon.) NPH will continue the eclectic approach. The Wartburg Project will continue to bear all the cost of producing and editing the translation. The copyright to the Bible text will belong to the Wartburg Project. NPH will be the publisher, as they are of many other books which they did not commission.

The contract was negotiated by representatives of NPH and Wartburg Project’s Administrative Board.  The members of the board are introduced in a separate article, a special edition of Meet the Brothers.

We hope the cooperative effort will prove to be a spiritual blessing to NPH’s readers and a financial blessing to NPH as well. May God’s will be done.